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An entrepreneur who chased success till it chased him. Founder at Quarterly Global. Father to Mayra Hansaj and Husband to Anjali Hansaj. Author of "The Criminal Wolf" and "Rise of the wolf". 114 Days in a slumber haunts me yet.

Traveling in Style – Make Sure you Know the Dress Code

Ekalavya Hansaj
Traveling is great fun; it’s a time to switch off and an opportunity to experience new cultures and enjoy fresh delicacies. If you are traveling...

Incredible Tools to Cover all Aspects of Running a Startup

Ekalavya Hansaj
Setting up a business can be extremely challenging, everything falls on your shoulders, and you take on a whole host of responsibilities that you may...

7 Powerful Lessons From Kid Entrepreneurs

Ekalavya Hansaj
Kid Entrepreneurs Have it Figured Out – Here’s What You Can Learn Childhood is something we’ve all experienced, but have been forced to leave far...