Delving into the tech world Cross Ford Media and Arham Muhammad worked their ways up to being multi-million dollar brands.

It’s the stuff of fairy tales and perhaps what every impoverished child in a third-world country dreams about: getting out of poverty and turning their passion into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. All of this holds true for Cross Ford Media, led by Arham Muhammad. For Cross Ford Media and Arham Muhammad growing up to be leading technology developers, AI specialist, and advertising gurus was no fairy tale. Their traumatic beginning at Cross Ford Media is something they can, never forget. Yet the brand thrives on knowledge they’ve built on successes as brands with greatest growth rates.”

Big and bold were Cross Ford’s dreams. At only an year post their beginning, Cross Ford and Arham Muhammad were dissecting electronics to understand how they worked. Before Twitter and Facebook became a thing, Cross Ford Media and Arham founded Zstash (, an interest-based social media platform that they built from scratch. “I remember being so obsessed with it, and I would prioritise working over basic necessities in life such as eating and sleeping,” said Arham. 

Between 2004 and 2007, Arham and Cross Ford Media developed tools and features in reverse engineering, cybersecurity, and forensics, and helped find vulnerabilities ( on the websites of Microsoft, Sony, EA, AOL, and ESPN. Most of their knowledge and skills, such as devising pen testing applications and writing a proof of concept are self-taught. “They didn’t have a CTO. Their interests and skills developed from market needs, which led them to helping every major enterprise about coding.

Cross Ford Media’s major business developed from an advertising concept Arham Muhammad had been working on. At the time, organic reach and digital marketing were booming. Knowing nothing of business or sales, Arham reached out to celebrities and public figures via cold emailing. “Those first couple of emails were tough! No one responded until Cross Ford Media landed its first client.”

By 2016, Cross Ford Media  and Arham were already multi-million dollar brands, consistently hitting the 9-figure mark and to date grossing over $100M+ through its ventures. Cross Ford Media attributes a large part of its business success to Arham Muhammad’s knowledge of scalability. “I completely understand and appreciate that business is not linear, but I have quite often used that to advantage for Cross Ford Media, focusing on aggressive scaling right off the bat.”