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When’s The Right Time To Hire Dedicated Support Staff For Your Startup?

Running a business is not an easy task. One needs to take care of a hundred things such as billing, marketing, sales, store management, customer support, etc. before establishing any business and running it.

Since a founder or an entrepreneur cannot carry all these activities on his own, hiring new employees becomes important after nascent stages. One can obtain a dedicated support staff in two different ways. These include:

  1. Shared support: The work is done by a professional who shares their time and services with other employers.
  1. Dedicated support: Work is exclusively assigned to one expert who works with one company at a time.

Dedicated support services require that the employer chooses the right employee and not the first employee that comes to offer his services.

The Right Time To Hire Dedicated Support Staff

An entrepreneur or founder cannot run an enterprise alone. It is possible to build a considerable business without employees but running it requires extensive support of hard-working and dedicated employees. Thus, it becomes essential to hire support staff for assistance.

However, ‘When is the right time to hire support staff,’ is one question that every employer must ask themselves. Hiring employees only because you have started a business is not the right approach.

Here are a few things that may serve as an indicator to hire your first support employee:

#1 Turning Down Work –  Missed Queries and Leads

Imagine setting up a business to serve customers and then end-up turning them down due to a lack of employees. In any business, the unavailability of employees should never be a reason for failure. If you have to refuse simply because you do not have enough employees, then it is high time you hire people.

#2 Frequently Ignored Customer Complaints

It is not only essential to sell more products, but at the same time, it is also necessary to ensure excellent customer support for your employees. If you are experiencing too many complaints from your customers, then it may be time to hire new employees. It would help if you scaled HR according to consumer demand.

Moreover, if your customers are not able to reach you due to malpractice, then you must hire new employees.

#3 Identification Of New Verticals

It is often said,’You will die working if you do not find a way to earn while you sleep.’ Every business grows when you earn from multiple sources. Business guru, Warren Buffett said, ‘Do not put all eggs in one basket’, so multiple outputs result in higher revenue.

If in your business, you have identified those areas which can earn you significant revenue, then there is no harm in hiring people to work for the same. Moreover, these days, an online presence and support help with brand building significantly.

#4 The Requirement Of A Definite CRM Skill-Set

Establishing and running a business support ecosystem requires a range of communication and interpersonal skills. Also, as a founder, you may already possess a great set of skills.

However, after a while, you and your core team will feel the pangs of scaling up.

This is the time to start hiring support staff with credible CRM experience!

#5 Finally Affordable

Starting a new business is a big step for any entrepreneur, and in the beginning, it may be difficult to pay one’s expenses. However, once your company has been set up and is doing well, it becomes an ideal place to hire dedicated support for enhanced customer experience.

#6 Selling Your Enterprise

Before selling a company, you need to increase its market value. It will attract more buyers. Expanding a company’s valuation can be done either by improving the infrastructure or by showing that you have steady employee support.

So, hiring employees before selling your enterprise can be a great exit strategy.

How To Find And Hire Great Dedicated Support Staff

Finding dedicated support staff can often be a tough task to handle. That’s because it’s not possible to identify a person’s capability and commitment by merely interviewing him or by looking at his certificates and experience.

Each job offers a different environment and how a person performs in it may be entirely different than what he has shown at his previous places. So, it is suggested to keep in mind the following parameters before hiring any dedicated support staff:

#1  Competency: The first thing to consider before hiring any potential employee is whether the person possesses the necessary skills, education, and experience to carry out the required tasks.

Moreover, experience plays a crucial role in choosing a competent employee. If the potential employee has worked in the same field as is the type of work required, then it can serve as a benefit to your business.

#2  Commitment: Commitment is what differentiates a ‘winner’ from a ‘loser’. It is crucial to ensure that the potential employee is dedicated to working for an extended period. It will save you the trouble of changing an employee every six months.

Moreover, look at their past working experience. It will help you to understand whether the employee is serious about his work or is merely passing the time in search of something better.

Also, ensure that the employee is dedicated to complete the tasks provided in time and doesn’t quit.

#3 Character And Culture

The employer must ensure that the potential employee’s values match the values of the business. Whether the prospective employee is a team-player or works alone.

All these aspects play a crucial role in determining the work culture and work environment of your business.

Your business culture may be based on a set of policies, practices, expectations, and values, etc. The employees not suited to your business culture may prove to be disruptive.

In simple words, hire someone who:

  • Matches your business’ values.
  • Is flexible and honest.
  • Understands your vision and is passionate about his work.

Advantages Of Hiring Dedicated Support Staff For Your Business 

Dedicated support services are top-rated among employers today. Almost all firms, MNCs, and organizations that operate full-time have dedicated support staff. Some exclusive benefits of having dedicated support employees are:

#1 Customizability: The most significant advantage of hiring dedicated support staff over shared support staff is the customizability of your work.

Unlike shared support, where your employees or engineers may be working with other contemporary firms at the same time, the dedicated support staff provides an elite team of experts.

You can allocate your task, your rules, and your way of working to the employees. This will enable you to deliver a personalized form of service to your customers.

#2 Availability: Unlike the shared support staff which is available only for a limited time for answering your customer support calls, the dedicated support staff is present 24/7 and takes care of all your communication-based requirements.

#3 Expertise: The shared support staff working for different types of organizations at one time may prove to be ‘Jack of all trades but master of none.’

On the other hand, the dedicated support staff will be specially trained to be product and service experts.

They can, in a way, become the remote essence of your business by communicating your ideas, reflecting your company’s message, culture, product details, policies, systems, etc.

Drawbacks Of Hiring Dedicated Support Staff For Your Business

The only drawback that comes with hiring dedicated support staff is in terms of the cost involved. The shared support staff are paid less compared to dedicated support staff.

Many different businesses use shared support staff because of the enormous cost-saving advantage. The amount of investment that you make to choose your support staff reflects your intent and dedication toward the business.

However, on choosing dedicated support staff, you become free from the following human resource and operational expenses:

  • The cost of training and hiring employees, sick leaves and vacations, and employee benefits stabilize in the long run.
  • Telephony, computers, and administrative costs become non-recurring.

Besides reducing overhead costs, dedicated support provides you with more time to focus on growing your business.

Hiring dedicated support is critical for a growing business. It fills the gaps in customer service and overall CRM. It helps in freeing up human resources for core business development. Furthermore, it projects a trustworthy and large-scale image of your enterprise in the minds of consumers.

Therefore, keep looking for symptoms in your business that indicate the need for such employee ecosystems. In the end, your business is your baby. It needs intensive care in the growing phases and exposure to various skills to bloom into something everlasting.

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