Why Social Media Cards are an Effective Marketing Tool

When you post from your website onto social media, you often don’t have much control over what the viewer sees. The image may not be relevant to the content, or it might just not do the post any justice. If you haven’t configured social cards, this is the reason why you might not be satisfied with what you see. Social cards (also known as social previews) are a great way to gain control over what viewers see, and you can use the social card to send the user to a specific page on your website. Similar to memes and other image-based content, social cards have the added benefit of a call to action and clickable links. You may want to drive traffic to a competition you are running, in which case, you would create a link that takes them to the relevant page on your website. You may tease the user with a bit of content related to your blog, and then take them to the actual blog through a clickable link. There are all kinds of ways to use social cards, and the benefits are endless.

Social cards are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow for increased engagement and social media referrals. Reportedly, social cards can create engagement by up to 250%, so it is well worth considering these if you want to improve your engagement and website traffic. If you are not currently using social media cards, it might be time to look into these, not just for your social media activity but that of others. You never really know who might be sharing your content on social media. If you want to maximize your results from social media, this is one of the ways to do it.

Benefits of Social Media Cards

Social media cards are accessible on all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google +. Social media cards include a title, description, and image. The social media card is clickable, which means you can send users to a designated page on your website, without having to incorporate a link. In most cases, social media cards promote an offer, blog post, competition, or download. In other words, they offer something enticing to the user, so they feel compelled to click on it, and then they are on your website, looking around and, hopefully, becoming a paid customer.

Improving Visual Brand

If you want to improve your visual brand and how users perceive you, social media cards are a highly effective way to do it. Without these cards, you often don’t have much control over the way your brand is perceived. Social media cards can improve your visual branding and allow you to have control over what people see when they look into your brand.  Social media cards are an excellent way to ensure users perceive your brand the way you wish to be recognized. Branding is one of the fundamental ways to improve the success of your business.

Website Traffic

Users engage more with social media cards than other content, and by incorporating these into your strategy, you will drive more traffic to your website. Social media cards are engaging, and the more people engage with your posts, the more referrals you will get from social media to your site. The fact that the entire card is clickable makes it much more likely that users will end up on your website. Have you ever tried to see an image and decided to click on it to gain further information? If it doesn’t work, you usually just give up rather than trying to find the link somewhere or visiting the website. You want to make the journey as simple as possible from the initial post to the site, and social media cards have this very appealing attribute.

Stand out from the Crowd

Are you getting lost in the sea of content out there? If you feel like this, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating to think that your content isn’t receiving much engagement and that no one is taking any notice of what you post. Social media cards can enable you to stand out from the crowd by allowing you to design unique content, which is different from your competitors. As most websites are not using social media cards, your content will stand out straight away. You will find that many people will be interested in your content, but if it doesn’t stand out visually, it is easy to ignore.

Click-through Rates

As social cards can allow for any images to be attached to the shareable content, you can increase your click-through rates. Social cards will instantly stand out, and this means you will improve your click-through rates in the process. The traffic will also be highly qualified; your target market who are genuinely interested in your content. Qualified traffic is what you want to attract; anything else is wasteful.

Increased Twitter Character Limit

Instead of the restrictive 140 characters you get in a standard tweet, the social card allows you to create content with an additional 200 characters. It means it is easier to get your message across without having to try and adapt it to suit the word count. Your message will not be lost as you cut down your words to ensure it fits in.

New Ways to Engage

If you are using social media regularly, you can become a little stale with your content. It can be challenging to conjure up new, original ideas, and this is why social media cards can be hugely beneficial. They offer something different and a new way to engage with your audience. You can play around with your social media cards, offering various incentives to customers, and inspiring new ways for them to get to know your business. Social media is swamped with content, so users always appreciate anything different.

Creating Social Media Cards

Sounds great, but isn’t it a little complicated? Creating social media cards does not need to be particularly tricky, even if you don’t have any graphic design knowledge. We are lucky to have lots of resources to help us these days, including Canva, which will even give you templates to use. If you want to create your design, you might prefer to use Photoshop. If you decide to use Canva, take a look through their templates for social media cards to see if there’s anything you might want to use. You must ensure your brand is consistent and that it fits with the image you want to portray. Consider whether this is the way you want your brand to represent and what emotions this might bring to the user. What does your brand stand for? Use this ideology to create your social media cards.

Writing Copy for Social Media Cards

The design is just one stage of the process; you also need to be able to write content for your social media cards. The description and title should entice the user. What do you want the user to see when they come across your social media card? What copy would make it stand out? How do you get your message across? The text on your social media card is just as important as the images you use.

Tips for Creating an Irresistible Social Media Card

If you are going to the effort of creating a social media card, you want to ensure it is truly irresistible. You want users who come across your card to engage with it, as this will lead them to look to find out more about your business. These are some tips for ensuring your social media cards meets your expectations and those of the user.

Use Enticing Images

The image is the first thing users will see, and you want to ensure it makes them sit up and take notice. Make sure your image is enticing and engaging; you may want to avoid free stock images, as you tend to find the same ones everywhere. Images that are relevant to your business are particularly engaging, as they are more personable and allows users to get to know and understand your brand a bit more. The more enticing your images are, the more likely you will be to engage with users, and this is, after all, the ultimate goal.

Incorporate Branding

Your branding is what people recognize about your business, and you should aim to incorporate your branding into your social media cards. Branding may consist of your logo, the style of your business, or a strapline, which makes you instantly recognizable. When people see the same logo or name in various places, they start to recognize it, and the familiarity makes them more likely to want to engage. You should incorporate branding into anything you put into social media, as this is how you will grow your business. People tend not to buy from brands they are unfamiliar with, and if you think about some of the biggest brands you know, such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, you could probably recognize the brand anywhere. The Nike logo is another example of a brand that is instantly recognizable, and consumers tend to buy into the brand as much as they do with the actual product or service.

Compelling Content

Your content might be in the form of text or a graphic, but one thing is essential, the content must be compelling. It also needs to be concise and able to get the message across quickly. You don’t want users to have to try and work out what your message is; it should be straightforward. For example, titles might be along the lines of ‘a guide to working over Christmas, ’50 % off your first order’, ‘top interview tips.’ These are all great ways to tell the user what you are aiming to do with your content. You should aim to write the text compellingly and straightforwardly. Not everyone can write excellent copy, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you might want to call in the help of an expert to do this for you.

How to Use Your Social Media Card

Now that you’ve created your social media card, how do you use it? There is no use with a card that is ineffective, which is why you need to make sure it links back to your website. You will need to add some coding to the pages on your website for each social media card, or you may just want to have the one template for all pages. With WordPress, you will need a plug-in, which will be linked up to your website domain when you create the social cards. If this seems a little too complicated, then some sites do the work for you, including AnyImage. You will want to create several social media cards for different purposes, such as to link to your blog or a specific competition or giveaway. Social media cards are becoming increasingly popular, and it is well worth incorporating these into your overall social media campaign or for your client social media campaigns.

If you feel that your content is getting lost in the crowd on social media, social media cards are a great solution. They are relatively easy to compile, and the benefits of engagement and website traffic ensure help you on your way to achieving your business goals and increasing your customer base. Many platforms help both with the creation of social media cards and the publishing side. These are well worth considering if you don’t know anything about creating content or using social media effectively. Make sure the content you use is compelling, and the images are engaging, and a change in engagement will be apparent. If the thought of creating the content for a social media card seems like too much to take on yourself, there are marketing professionals who will be able to do it for you. However, it is relatively simple, and once you create one of these, you’ll soon become familiar and ready to do it easily yourself.

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