A Beginner’S Guide To Biohacking For Type-A Personalities, Business People and Ambitious Sport Practitioners

An Introduction To Biohacking:

Reading the title of this article, you might have a few questions. What does biohacking mean and what are Type-A personalities? Let’s begin with Type-A personalities: these people are often entrepreneurs, sports practitioners, businesspeople, and the list goes on. The primary behaviour that unites them all is being highly pro-active and ambitious in whatever they do. They can be competitive in their industries and often find it difficult to relax or take a break.

Biohacking, in its purest form, is hacking your chemistry and physiology to achieve exceptional positive outcomes through working smart. It allows you to control your body entirely by pursuing ways that aid the betterment of your health. Biohacking is not just a hacking mechanism, but a desire to understand your body and mind with the help of science, technology, and everything positive around you. This aids and speeds-up the process of becoming the best and healthiest version of you.

The Most Popular Types Of Biohacking:

Biohacking is not a single-meaning-phrase but has a variety of methods. Below are a selection of the most popular methods:

  1. Grinder: It is a type of biohacking in which an individual (entrepreneur, sports practitioner, small business owner) uses a gadget, cybernetic device or undergoes injections/implantations for the sake of body betterment. It is introducing technology inside your body, such as hardware (microchips) for bio-upgrading purposes and improved health. 
  1. Nutrigenomics: Nutrigenomics (as the name suggests) specifically revolves around the food you eat and the genes you have. This biological branch deals with the interactions between the foods you consume and your genes and how nutrients you put in affect your genome. The healthier the food you put in, the better performing genes you are developing. It is as simple as taking small healthy steps relevant to food intake that will provide tremendous energy and productivity. This massively aids sports practitioners, as taking small steps increases their stamina and gradually builds muscle strength. 
  1. Diy Biology (Do It Yourself): In this type of biohacking, individuals will carry out biological studies and experimentation on their bodies (usually done by scientists, working in labs). Individuals carry out DIY biology to bring improvement to their lives and standard of health. 
  1. Quantified Self: In this type, an individual measures different types of biomarkers along with their behaviours to boost-up their health.

Apart from the biohacking methods mentioned above, self-medication or in other words, self-experimentation in medicine also falls under the same category. 

What You Put In Influences How You Feel

A biohacker: an individual that carries out successful biohacking. How are they any different compared to an average individual? What makes a bio-hacker different from the rest? Read until the end to know exactly what makes biohackers so unique. 

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are becoming more and more essential as we have progressed in understanding how the human body works. Many entrepreneurs and sports practitioners switch towards a healthy lifestyle but never keep it up. However, professionals recommend that any entrepreneur, businessperson, sportsman, or any type-A personality holder not only switch to a healthy lifestyle but also continues it with consistency. Being consistent is one of the primary keys to being a successful biohacker!

Ambitious entrepreneurs and sports practitioners should take biohacking as a dream system. Due to their consistent motivation and a strong desire to be successful, many successful entrepreneurs are happily enjoying biohacking, as a result of which, their output efficiency is significantly increasing. Many type-A personalities who use biohacking carry out all the brain-tiring chaos at work, and are still able to return home energetic.

Being A Successful Bio-Hacker While Also Being A Type-A Personality

If you are still reading this, we assume this powerful combination of biohacking and entrepreneurship has motivated you enough to learn more. Without wasting any further time, let us dig into what makes can make someone with a type-a personality a successful biohacker.

  1. Eat What Feels Right Inside:  

Keep it simple. Eat what you need to eat, not just what you want to eat. It is part of our body-mechanism that we immediately react positively or negatively towards what goes inside our stomachs. Train yourself to keep the reaction positive most of the time. Below is a nutrition-full list conjured up for the stomachs of any ambitious entrepreneurs or competitive sportspeople:

  • Eat lightly cooked food
  • Try to intake starch and fresh fruits moderately
  • Beef, eggs, low-mercury fish, and grass-fed cattle are beneficial 
  • Vegetables need to be your top-most priority (whether raw or lightly cooked)
  • Reduce your sugar intake (it can be addictive)
  • Add bulletproof coffee to your routine
  • Take in high-quality proteins 
  • Ditch fast food and processed foods
  • Try out intermittent fasting (you can control yourself when it comes to when you eat and when not to eat, feel free to drink plenty of water). The most practised intermittent fasting routine is fasting for 16-24 hours bi-weekly.
  • Switch to a plant-based diet (this is a super hack)
  • Whole grains, legumes, seeds, dry fruits, and other organic foodstuffs can be your best friends
  • Ditch inflammation-causing foods (such as spicy foods)
  • Add foods that have antifungal properties (for example, garlic)
  • Drink as much filtered water at room temperature as possible

This whole list can bring tremendous effects to your daily life. The key is, start taking small steps by adding and eliminating a few food items from your diet. Following the above recommendations will ultimately result in an addition of this entire healthy list into your life with consistency. These steps will allow your immune system to perform at a more robust rate. Additionally, obesity should be a thing of the past, and your energy levels should dramatically increase over time. Your mental health will improve, and finally, you will become an unstoppable businessperson in the boardroom or athlete on the track! 

  • Biohacking Your Sleep:

The next aspect of your life to be bio-hacked right after your nutrition is your sleep. Getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) is crucial for a healthy life. A good night’s sleep, starting somewhere between 8 pm to 12 pm, is capable of bringing uncountable benefits among which include:

  • An increased lifespan
  • Balanced hormones
  • Your brain will function better
  • It aids better heart health
  • Losing weight becomes easier
  • Makes you feel fresher
  • Sleep is helpful for a positive mood

We are well aware that getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. The majority of entrepreneurs and sports practitioners are familiar with waking up early but sleeping late. You can overcome this by consistent practice along with commitment. Also, try not to drink too much water before you hit the hay, alcohol intake also needs to be limited, and your phone needs to be away from your bed. Try to write your problems in a notepad before going to bed, and exercise mildly in the daytime, allowing you a night of better sleep. 

  • Environment Biohacking

This one is interesting. Keeping it simple, biohacking your environment is putting yourself in a surrounding which is under your control. You can bio-hack the world around you by:

  • Paying visits to saunas
  • Visiting cryotherapy chambers
  • Consider experiencing a floating tank
  • Spending time in the pool, etc.
  • Biohacking Everything Around For Your Wellness

Biohacking is a vast field that does not only concern your sleep, nutrition, and your surroundings. It is incredible what many successful biohacking entrepreneurs, sports practitioners, and small business owners harness to gain optimum performance in their day-to-day lives.  

Other than those as mentioned earlier, you can also carry out some other minor but equally effective bio-hacks to speed-up the health-building procedure. Curious to know more? Have a look below:

  • FITNESS BIOHACKING: This is another type of powerful biohacking that is carried out by practising effective workouts and maintaining a daily fitness routine. Fitness biohacking does not have to be a trained exercise meant for athletes but minor enough to keep your body generally in good shape. Additionally, work on your posture when you exercise, or even when you are sitting at your desk! Keeping a straight back will do wonders for your spine now and in the future. 
  • SUNLIGHT BIOHACKING: Walking 30 minutes per day in the mild sunlight is healthy for your bones, teeth, immune system, and it lowers your cholesterol. Vitamin D is excellent for a night of healthy sleep, and even your mood. Make sure you apply sunscreen and stay hydrated!  
  • BREATHING BIOHACKING: This can control your nerves if done correctly. You need to inhale deeply with your nose and count to five, hold your breath for a few seconds, and finally exhale through your mouth and count for longer than five (try 7). This hack can even help you fall asleep. Try it today!
  • ATTITUDE BIOHACKING: Bio-hack your attitude by forgiving everyone around you. Go to bed with a clean heart every day. It will not only bring positive vibes to you from the outside, but you will also feel light and positive on the inside. Being able to look past other people’s wrongdoings affects your mood, focus, health, and overall well-being. 
  • SUPPLEMENTS BIOHACKING: An entrepreneur’s or a sports practitioner’s life is full of hustle. Due to this busy lifestyle, stuffing your body with every nutrient needed is not always possible. It is imperative to maintain a balanced intake of supplements for a healthy nutrient-intake combined with your typical meals. However, always make sure that you talk to your doctor before taking any supplements. 

Celebrities That Have Used Biohacking

Unsurprisingly, it is a well-known fact that many celebrities and members of society’s upper echelons use biohacking in their everyday lives. Recently, famous ‘Stranger Things’ actor, Matthew Modine revealed that his top wellness secret is biohacking. The successful Hollywood actor explained that he often enjoys attending Santa Monica Upgrade Labs, a popular biohacking health and fitness facility, frequently visited by the likes of Gerard Butler and Ari Emanuel, the co-CEO of entertainment and media agency, Endeavour. 

Modine explained that he had a neck injury which was caused by a film stunt. After experiencing PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) treatments on the injured area, he decided that biohacking was something he wanted to incorporate into his everyday life. Now, this Hollywood celebrity enjoys spending time in -250° cryotherapy chambers to boost his metabolism by invigorating his basal metabolic rate. He uses infrared LED light therapy to relax and increase collagen production, improving the appearance and integrity of his skin. Modine currently has an estimated net worth of over 10 million dollars; no doubt biohacking has played a significant role in Modine’s continued success!

The Biohacking Group Taking Silicon Valley By Storm

As mentioned earlier, biohacking is a fantastic method of reclaiming your body, especially for entrepreneurs. If you want to take your interest in biohacking even further, San Francisco-based biohacking enthusiast group, WeFast regularly meet to discuss and promote increased focus and work productivity, a healthy diet and longevity using the advantages of biohacking. WeFast is particularly interested in the intermittent fasting, where people go without food for a set period, sometimes even several days. This method of biohacking is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who are working in Silicon Valley tech start-ups. The majority of these people are type-A personalities and entrepreneurs looking to be the best in their industry. 

Members of WeFast believe that temporarily abstaining from food not only increases health and well-being but also makes you live longer. This belief is also backed up by scientific tests on mice, which showed that when the body goes into fasting mode, the production of proteins and growth hormones linked to diabetes and cancer dramatically reduced. Many people describe intermittent fasting as pressing the refresh button on their health and well-being.

The Bottom Line

One article cannot cover the entire topic of biohacking, due to it being a vast and complicated realm of health and wellness. In conclusion, if you want to be an unstoppable entrepreneur, unbeatable sportsperson, or the next superman of your field, make sure you start picking up your favourite bio-hacks. Once you are an expert in the one you picked, pick up the next, and the chain goes on. Biohacking can be life-changing, and the key is to be consistent and have a positive attitude towards yourself. 

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