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11 Ideas To Help Improve Your Teams Productivity In 2020

As you grow your business, you build your team as well, and leading or managing a team is never an easy task. Even if it’s a team of two or two hundred, you have to make sure that the energy and spirit level within the organization never goes down.

Productivity is not just restricted to delivering high-quality projects, but it’s when your team feels happy to work with you together. Every team member needs motivation and a positive approach, and as a leader, only you can assure them that.

You can have a team at the office or a remote team, maintaining productivity throughout the period is a very crucial task. When you lead a team, seeing how productive you are, motivates your team members as well. Help your team members bring out the best version of themselves by collaborating with them.

Always communicate with your team members with a positive attitude and approach. Let them know how and where they can improve their skills and productivity. Let them know that they are working with you as a team and not under you.

Let me tell you 11 ideas that you can follow to improve your team’s productivity!

1. Train Them

Having a healthy training system for your team will make a big difference in their overall productivity. When the team is confident about their work, they will deliver their best. Have a special one on one training program with your team members where they could learn about their responsibility and how can they finish their tasks more efficiently.

You can create weekly or monthly training programs in your company where either one or the entire team members can join in together. You can also invite experts from your field for specialized training. Make sure each of your team member is involved in the training process.

When you invest time in your team’s growth, both you and the team grow together. Every time you train, you learn along with the team.

2. Give Them Authority

Assign roles to them and let them take control of their part of the work. You need to give them the authority to make individual decisions for their tasks. This assures them the freedom in their professional practice. They feel less anxious to do their part of the work, and things turn out to be more productive.

It could be sending out emails, handling social media and marketing, finalizing certain levels of projects, etc. Let them understand how can they rule out individual decisions. Even if they might make a wrong decision, give them the feedback for the same with a positive approach.

When you show your trust in them, it helps them build their confidence, and this boosts their morale and self-esteem. A true leader would lead the team together, allowing them to hold the responsibilities and help foster them.

3. Set Clear Goals

It’s good when you are transparent with your team members. Having clearly defined goals and expectations would erase any misunderstandings. They would know what they are working on and wouldn’t hesitate to re-confirm things with you in the future.

When you and your team both work towards the same goal, it creates a positive influence in the team environment. Keep company culture open for questions, doubts, and problems they might face during their work. The team might have certain expectations from you as well, listen to them, and incorporate those wherever required and necessary.

Don’t be pushy but set pre-defined goals to allow the team members to work smoothly and proactively. When you have clear goals, it also increases the profitability of the company.

4. Have Open Communication With Your Team

Communication is the root to every healthy and successful business. Make sure that there is always an ongoing communication in your team. Healthy communication leads to building healthy ideas and outcomes.

Ensure your team that you are open to communicating with them anytime. This helps reduce unnecessary confusion within the team. When you communicate with your team regularly, they know that they are going on the right track and are handling things correctly. Do not let them feel that you own everything because you have the power. When the team stays with you on the same line is when they would feel more comfortable talking to you.

A little string of miscommunication could divert the team’s concentration leading to complexities and thus affecting the overall productivity of the team.

5. Hold Weekly Team Meetings

When you mainly have a remote team, holding team meetings is the most significant task considering the different time zones of everyone in the team. Schedule a reminder in Google Calendar for everyone in the company. Once there is a set time, your team members will look forward to the participants in the meetings.

Discuss your agendas with them. What they did last week and what are they planning and scheduling for the coming week. Motivate them in the team meetings and appreciate them for their productivity and efforts.

Let them speak their minds with ease. Tell them to share their ideas and thoughts with everyone. Let the team respond and decide on specific responsibilities for each other. This boosts their confidence, and they know that the team values their opinions.

6. Discuss Your Ideas With Them

Have open discussions with your team members. There are individual decisions in which you should involve your team as well. Hear their opinions and let them vote for the best outcome. When the team relies on each other for the big final decisions, it shows that every team member’s opinion is being valued in the company.

When you have to make a decision for an individual team member, discuss your thoughts with the member first and allow him/her to participate in the discussion as well. These little discussions create a considerable impact on the team environment that leads to an increase in overall team productivity.

7. Tell Them Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether they make a right or wrong decision or if you are confused at any point, share your opinions with them freely. Show them the right way and support them by telling them what they are best at.

Let them nourish their strengths and help them convert their weaknesses into their mighty strength. When you give them your honest feedback, it will help them improve in any area they feel they are lacking.

Sharing feedback and opinions amongst the team is a crucial task in itself. Appreciate them when they do things in the right way. Help them correct their mistakes and take responsibility as a leader for any failure.

9. Involve Team Cultural Activities

There are many ways to keep your team engaged and motivate them to have a positive approach to their work. When you involve cultural activities, the team could connect with the company on an emotional level.

Allow them some time to relax from their daily routine so that they would look forward to work with you every day. You can introduce stress buster programs, yoga sessions, sports activities, or quick fun and healthy competitions within the team. Celebrate cultural festivals and make them feel more welcomed in the team.

When you create a comfortable environment for your team, it encourages them to head in the right direction. Working in a company where the team uplifts each other is always the most competitive place to show the best of their talent and abilities.

A quick share – As I have a remote team in my company as well, I started a GIF Season within our team channel. The conversation could only be made using GIFs and no text messages. This encouraged everyone to participate in the competition and initiate conversations purely based on GIFs. I was surprised to see my Tech team so active throughout the competition period, while otherwise, they remain less active in regular company conversations.

9. Reward Them

Everyone in a company loves rewards and especially when it’s a surprise reward. It could be in any form as bonus rewards, gift vouchers, an excellent restaurant dinner party, or even a small token of appreciation. When the team knows about the rewards and bonuses, they want to give their best to achieve that.

An additional incentive shows your appreciation for their work resulting in better productivity. Celebrate small achievements as that motivates them to achieve more and perform better in future tasks.

10. Use Team Building and Productive Tools

As a leader, you have to use smart and productive team building and management tools that bind your team and lessen the burden of doing unnecessary manual work that would only waste their productive time.

For example, you can get a precise Project Management Tool for your team. It will not only help your team to stay on track together but will also allow them to understand their responsibilities as well. It will help you track their progress and thus enabling you to put additional inputs whenever needed. Using the right technical tools allows the team to focus on their work without worrying about what to do next.

When you have a local office, you can also bring in new pieces of office equipment. Ask your team for their opinions. Let them feel safe and happy when they are in the office. After all, it’s their second home.

11. Give Them Their Space

Working peacefully in a comfortable environment is what everyone dreams about before finding a job. Do not interfere with the authority you gave them and give them the space to work without worrying. Allow them to make those decisions and do not bind them with seeking permission for everything they want to do. Show them your support and foster them to become a leader like you.

Allow them to work from home whenever needed and let them take small breaks in between their work to maintain their concentration. Do not push them to finish tasks but instead motivate them to improve by 1% every day. Encourage them to come out of their comfort and believe in themselves. Because, once they trust their skills and capabilities, productivity is bound to increase.

Many companies have started a 4-days-a-week office culture and have seen growth in overall team productivity. In the end, it all depends on the company culture. You know what would work best for your team that will result in higher productivity.

Conclusion – Own up to your promises you have made to your team members. Team productivity is always at its peak when the team values each other, learn from each other, and grows together to achieve their goals. Do not set superficial limits in your team’s mindset that could lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Always be realistic and transparent about the company culture and encourage them to become the best versions of themselves. Focus on bigger goals while building and maintain the team’s growth and competency.

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