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13 Useful Content Marketing Tips For Startups In 2020

In today’s world, with millions of different content marketing strategies around, finding the one that would work for you is extremely difficult. Content marketing isn’t a complicated process, but to be able to understand it more clearly, you need to know particular why’s and how’s of it.

Creating a piece of content could be easy, but making that valuable enough for even one user is a bit challenging. The more value-driven your content is, the more readers would look forward to it.

Content marketing plays a massive role in your marketing strategy alone. You can have tens and hundreds of marketing strategies to get new leads and customers, but without a proper content marketing strategy, the potential is still very less.

Users still believe in content than floating marketing strategies. When you create content for your brand or business, it shows how well you know about your company and how well you can make your users understand it.

In simple words, your content should have more value, information, and knowledge rather than over-hyped features and unnecessary promotional sentences that might drive the user away. Consumers don’t have time and are tired to see extreme promotional content with zero value, and this is where a potential user is lost.

Content could be in any form, and it should have a useful piece of information for your targeted users like:

  • Newsletters
  • Marketing Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Media files such as an Image or Video
  • Audio files
  • Live webinars
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts, etc

Having a structured content marketing idea could help you in a lot of ways. It also lets you build excellent marketing, and sales funnel that would eventually help you get more users onboard. Let’s understand the advantages of having a great content marketing strategy in place.

  • You get quality users from search engines

Once you publish value-driven content, you would see exponential growth in people finding your content via search engines who would be interested in your content.

  • Growth in potential leads

Apart from the knowledge that you would share in your content, you would see an increase in users who also will be interested in the products or services you provide. A well-drafted email would see more interest than a generic one.

  • More web and social traffic

After you share your content, you can see an increase in users landing on your blog via web and social media.

  • Increase in Social share and user engagement

Once there is an increase in web and social traffic, you can see people sharing your content on their webpages via emails, on social media, and everywhere else. This also increases user engagement based on shares, comments, likes, and reviews.

  • Brand awareness

A good piece of content could instantly boost your brand image, and this allows them to explore other areas of your business that would help you generate more sales.

  • Boosts SEO

As you all know how important search engine optimization is, a well SEO rich content will not only help you rank your article in the top but will also increase web traffic as users searching the keywords would first land up on your page.

  • Helps you retain your customers

You know you have a particular segment of customers that are expecting quality content from you. So, every time you post new content, it would help them retain them in your company.

Content marketing will always be about publishing quality content over quantity. It is where you would create content for driving in more traffic that would also let you acquire new leads, generate sales, build brand awareness, and do social networking. If you are still unable to achieve all this, you need to work on your content marketing strategy. I will be listing down 13 strategies for you that will surely help you boost up your content marketing process.

1. Quality Over Quantity

As I did mention above, the class will always rule over quantity. Writing a 2000 word article with no head and toe will generate no traffic. Instead, focus on providing quality information in your content. Users love when they could implement the strategies or ideas from your content.

Keep your content body loaded with more knowledge, values, ideas, and less with sales and promotions. Users are smart enough to identify if your blog is worth their time and share. But, in the same case, even if you write a 500-word content piece like a blog with rich information, people would love to share that with their friends, family, and colleagues.

2. Research and Research

Always put out your content after well-done analysis. Understand what are your users expect from you, and what are their demands? Know what is the current trend in the market. This displays your dedication towards your brand and users. Users understand your efforts when you present them with researched information over easy content curation.

3. Check on Grammatical Errors

You are the voice of your brand. Silly grammatical mistakes could affect your brand reputation and increase the customer churn rate. There are so many tools that would help you prep up your grammar. There might be inevitable mistakes in your content body, which might go unnoticed from your end, but using these tools would always put you in an advantage. It’s like have two minds for every content you create.

When you have no grammar mistakes in your content, it will create a positive impact on the reader’s mind as well as this will let them share their valuable feedback at the end.

4. Rule Out Your Specific Style

You own your content, and so you can play with it however you want. But when you have a particular form of writing, your users get used to it. Even in other emails and blog posts, they could quickly identify you and your brand. This helps massively as it creates a permanent impression in their minds. You can always do some subtle changes in your content body, but having a particular design in all your content would help you market it more efficiently.

Also, you would avoid wasting time thinking about how to structure your post because once you have a specific style and outline, it not only saves you time but also makes your user stick to the end of the content.

5. Include Visual Media

As said, a picture speaks louder than words; having media files in your content is a must. People might not be interested in all words but would love to see some images or video files. When your email, blog, or any other content is having both words and media, it weighs more than your only-words content body.

Certain things could be adequately explained with the help of visuals than words. The visuals could be in any form – images, videos, graphics, GIFs, charts, etc. It also makes your content look more presentable.

6. Keep It Simple

You don’t need to include fancy vocabularies in your content. Keep it simple that has a precise meaning and is easy to understand to your audience. You don’t want your readers to spend more time using a dictionary than reading your content. Now, people won’t have time even to do that. Once they find that your content is hard to understand, they would skip to the next content posted by other brands.

Also, keep your content body very simple. Add the basics like a Headline, summary points, the central paragraphs, and a conclusion point to the end. Distribute your main content over several small paragraphs and don’t merge everything into one lengthy point. Shorter sentences are easily readable over dense and messy ones. The cleaner your content looks, the more time your audience would spend reading it.

7. Push Your Users To Take Actions

No matter you are doing a webinar, podcast, or sending out an email when you tell your audience to take action for their business in the end, they would always appreciate it. There are people still struggling to grow their business, and when they see you helping and motivating your audience every time, they start believing in you and your brand.

You can give out a few free samples in your content like –

Five quick email templates you can use for free or a free pdf with the dos and don’ts in a webinar. No matter how long or short, your audience will appreciate your efforts for going the extra mile ahead for them.

8. Be Honest

Firstly, do not include numbers or statements just based on your assumptions. Your audience will know if you fake it. Research the topic and include the links to back them up.

Secondly, when you share case studies or specific topics that need your honest views, remember to be always valid to your users. Even if you fail in a particular case, gladly share it with them. Let them know the truth because this will not only create a trust factor, but it will help you as they share your content with others and motivate you throughout. This leads to more user engagement, as well.

9. A/B Split Test

Always test and try out what works best for you. A particular email template or style you think is the best might not even get you a decent open-rates. As I have mentioned above, you own your content, so feel free to do split testing and find out what is increasing the engagement with your users.

For example, you are sending out a weekly newsletter to your audience. You can experiment with the subject lines, email body, media files, etc. A short and direct subject line might work for you instead of an offbeat subject line. It all depends on who is your audience and what would they want to hear from you.

10. Put Interactive Elements

Connect with your audience every time you share your content. Ask them to leave feedback or suggestions. You can include a poll, survey or quiz forms to make your content look more interactive. You can also add emojis to gather their feedback. This increases user engagement and makes your content look distinct from others.

11. Do Guest Blog Posts

When you share a piece of content on other people’s websites, it helps you reach and target their audience as well. Doing a guest blog post also helps you get a backlink to your business. You reach a wider audience, and when they share your post with their audience, the reach is even higher.

12. Update and Reuse Your Previous Content

You will have a new user every time you share any content. Each of your content holds equal value, and so you would not want to throw them into the archive once you publish it. Update all your earlier published content and share it again with your audience. It will help you reach new users and exponentially drive in more sales.

13. Create SEO Friendly Content

Search engine optimization matters to every brand. An SEO friendly article will not only help you get more traffic but will also get more potential leads and growth in sales.

Conclusion – To get the best out of content marketing, make sure to keep your content more informative and less salesly. Share use cases with your audience that could help them grow and make it more user-oriented than company oriented. When you start following these easy and useful tips for your content marketing strategy, you could see a positive difference in the final analytics.

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