How Startup On The Rise Makes Travel Affordable For Teachers

Educators gather round! I have some exciting news to share with you, which will revolutionize everything you have known about travel so far. 

As teachers, we all travel for personal, professional, and recreational reasons. However, no matter how resourceful one is, we still have to admit that taking trips is expensive, and the costs of lodging significantly limit one’s travel opportunities. 

What if I showed you a way to venture anywhere in the world while having unlimited housing for as long and as often as you like?

 You could cultivate your passion for learning, experience new cultures, attend personal events, and participate in educational seminars, all while expanding your circle of professional associates. 

N’TICE facilitates unlimited lodging worldwide exclusively for teachers, affording them hands-on experience in global exploration. Upon joining, you become part of an international community of educators who help each other out, all in the name of an even more significant cause. 

Teachers can attend festivals, visit historical sites related to the class curriculum. They can experience the culture, see breathtaking sights, and explore. Moreover, what incredible benefits will the students have to have such a teacher in their classroom!

Whether a couple of hours away or halfway around the globe, N’TICE gives you the freedom to travel within your budget. As members, it will eventually be possible to buy airline tickets for reduced rates or even tours and dining.

What is more, by listing your property, you have the opportunity of making travel more affordable for your fellow educators.

And do you want to know the best part about it?

A portion of the company’s profits supports the N’TICE Education Foundation bringing resources to schools, staff, and students, providing scholarships, materials, and professional development. So you will be giving back to education, which is something we all want. 

To find out more about this fantastic innovative project that seems to have sprung out of someone’s deep-rooted desire to travel, I talked to the founders of N’TICE. 

They are Jason and Kimberly Perrins. Kimberly is from Vancouver, Washington has lived abroad and traveled extensively around the world. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science in Business Geography and Tourism and has worked in the travel industry, among other things.

Jason is from Spokane, Washington, and has also lived abroad. He graduated with a degree from the University of Washington and received a master’s in Educational Leadership and Psychology Counseling from Washington State University. 

He has been an educator in the United States for over 26 years, with 22 of those as a secondary school principal. He also served four years as middle/high school director of Karl C. Parrish, an international school in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America.   

They have been married for 29 years, are both bi-lingual, have raised five children and have always been passionate about education and travel.

So when I asked them where they get their energy from and what motivates them, the answer came effortlessly.

We are pro-education and recognize the many positive benefits to both self and society when individuals engage in continual learning. Those experiences can be found anywhere, in a classroom setting, on the athletic field, in a music lesson, or grocery shopping with a new recipe in hand, to name a few. We eagerly greet each new day looking forward to multiple prospects of learning that come with daily living. It is exciting to seek out opportunities that teach us, challenge us, and help us grow. We are motivated to improve ourselves, but ultimately find even more satisfaction when we can share what we have learned with others.”

Because of their passion for continuous learning and doing so by traveling extensively, they told me how the idea for N’TICE came about. 

“We have always been passionate about travel and are at our happiest when we are trotting the globe, more often than not with our children in tow. But the price tag of adventure often kept us from getting away as often as we would have liked. Nevertheless, over the years, we cut many associated expenses to make our travel dreams come true. Some of those included sightseeing during the offseason, eating tortillas and peanut butter while on the road instead of fancy restaurant fare, and doing in-depth research so that we could act as our guide rather than hiring out. Still, the high cost of lodging, which is the most expensive component of travel, would ultimately determine whether we would be able to make a trip or not.

Often, we found hidden fees added to bills that were not included initially. 

Below is a brief article that we wrote for “The Medium,” detailing one of those experiences:”

But as it happens, the Perrins were in luck and came across this wonderful opportunity through a pleasant experience.

“Once at a port stop in Mexico, we met a taxi driver that invited us to come back at a future date and stay at his place for $10.00 a night. Two years later, we did just that all seven of us in one room. It was terrific and mutually fulfilling for both parties. We connected with our host and his family. He showed us the ropes, introduced us to culture, community, and cuisine, and it turned out to be an experience we would never forget. 

Years later, while living in Colombia, we had a similar experience to the one above.”

You can access the article titled “My Week in Bogota” that they wrote for “The Medium” explaining details of that exchange by clicking here.

“Time spent abroad has opened our eyes to the significant number of educators worldwide, who are as passionate about travel, learning, and exploration as we are, and the multitude of benefits that come with it. And similar to us, many of them are limited because of that number one expense lodging. So, a safe community of educators who would be able to share their places of stay, virtually eliminating the cost of accommodation, was born. We call it N’TICE.

The concept is detailed in our exciting 2-minute explainer video offered in 5 different languages. ”   

If you are curious like me about what N’TICE stands for then you have to know that:

  • The “N” completes the word “entice”;
  • The “T” is for “Teachers” including school counselors and administrators; 
  • The “I” is for “International”;
  • The “C” is for “Cottage,” and represents a place of stay that is listed to share with the community. It can be an apartment, a house, a room, a couch, or a hammock. N’TICE is not a swap service. All members have access to the “cottages” of others; the “E” is for “Experience,” and represents involvement and participation. 

Here is the exciting part that I wanted to find out more about, and it is about the mission of N’TICE and how it makes the world a better place

Well, their purpose is twofold. As a global family of educators, we unite to make travel affordable while also giving back to education. 

Studies have shown that people who travel are happier, less stressed, more knowledgeable, and generally have a brighter outlook on life. But the price tag of lodging makes that impossible for many. To eliminate that cost, members list a property to share with other teachers in the community, allowing them to travel.

“Our passion for education has given us the opportunity to explore educational institutions around the world. Unfortunately, we found many of them severely lacking in resources and training. A portion of each membership fee supports the N’TICE Education Foundation, bringing resources to schools, staff, and students, providing scholarships, materials and professional development to maximize educational goals.”

N’TICE is for educators worldwide, including teachers currently employed as well as retired, substitute teachers, administrators, counselors, and college professors. As a member, you benefit from unlimited “free” lodging, and once the membership fee is paid, there are no additional costs. Each subscription has one-year validity does not begin until a member books his/her first stay. What is more, each listing specifies the number of people it will accommodate. The number of guests is ultimately up to the host. All travelers stay free of charge but must be accompanied by the teacher/member. 

You get to network with like professionals, and you will get rewards for excursions, transportation, restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of educational facilities and systems that are lacking.

If you are interested in the costs, then you have to know that during their Indiegogo campaign, annual memberships are 50% off for one year and 60% off for two-year memberships. ( 

“So that all educators may participate regardless of geographic location or economic situation, we offer three separate levels of membership.

❏ Silver annual fee = $175 = allows for travel anywhere within members own country

❏ Gold annual fee = $249 = allows for travel anywhere in members region, plus one adjoining region

❏ Platinum annual fee = $399 = allows for travel anywhere in the world.”

There are so many advantages to this fresh startup that I cannot believe it.

“Teachers have limited economic resources, and it is our mission to make travel more affordable and more meaningful for them to develop new and lasting relationships, network, and attend professional development seminars more by saving the school money on lodging.”

N’TICE is a global company that will offer accommodations worldwide. Because they are a startup, destinations will be limited as they build inventory. 

Because of these limitations, once a member joins the community, his/her subscription will not begin until he/she uses the website to book the first stay.

As a member, except for free lodging after paying the membership fee, you also have the opportunity to explore parts of the world where you may want to relocate or areas of interest related to the subject matter you teach, while at the same time rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

Let’s not forget you have the chance to improve the education system worldwide.

You will also have the ability to more frequently attend distant reunions, weddings, concerts, funerals, and other events that will not always relate to “vacation” travel per se. Having the confidence of knowing that you will be staying in a safe, monitored community of trusted colleagues will make your trips less stressful.

The premise, on which the startup operates, requires each member to list at least one place of stay.

It can be an apartment, a house, or merely a room, but it is expected to be clean, safe from the elements with access to bathroom facilities. It is up to the discretion of the host member whether he/she wants to be present or not when guests are there. For the benefit of all members, guests will have the ability to review places of stay, ease of access, and the quality of communication with the host.

Some teachers cannot list a place of their own as they may live with parents or on a campus of a school that prohibits such activity. For this reason, it is possible to list a friend or relative’s place separate from your own, but in this case, the host teacher is expected to facilitate the stay of the visiting colleague. 

When N’TICE reaches a predetermined membership amount, it will eventually allow educators to join without listing a place for a more substantial annual fee.

Now that I have piqued your interest go to the homepage under the section “How Does it Work,” to find out anything else you need to know before joining.

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