8 Things That Can Make Your Facebook Video Ad Go Viral

While launching any product or service it is equally important to focus on both the pre-launch buzz and the post-launch buzz to gain the audience’s attention.

But, as soon as you release your product, the next immediate step is to let people know about it. And, the best way to do that is by doing video ads that would explain the details in a bit more creative and a better way.

You can choose any method to advertise your product. It could be an offline advertisement like billboard ads, television ads, events, etc or it could be done via online advertisement by doing digital marketing on various social media platforms.

Currently, you will see that almost all the companies from a low-tier brand to a high-tier brand, all of them are optimizing their ads and targeting the audience on social media using video ads.

Today, social media marketing is considered as a crucial method to market your product. And, one of the most used platforms for doing digital marketing is via Facebook Ads and there are a lot of weird ways that can make your Facebook video ad go viral.

But Why Facebook Ads –

Every business niche has its own way of marketing their product or service to people using digital marketing. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms right now where a company could potentially reach millions of people purely by either targeting them or by re-targeting them.

With more than 1.59 billion daily active users and 2.41 monthly active users on Facebook in Q2 2019, this is surely one of the best investments worth proceeding ahead with your ads.

So by using Facebook video ads, your company alone can outreach thousands to millions of its audience based on age, geolocation, interests, and desires and using many other tags.

Facebook ads have the potential to reach millions of customers who might be interested in your product. But for this, you also need a good amount of investment. Usually, $5000-10000 is considered as a desirable amount for any brand niche to start with the ads but it totally depends upon how much is your brand willing to risk and invest to be able to scale the business properly.

The increase in mobile traffic is no less than 70% worldwide and now 82% of mobile traffic is expected to be video itself by 2020. With Vertical video format ruling the internet, companies have started rolling out their ad contents in this format.

So for any company that is stepping in now to create a Facebook video ad, it will have much more potential to grow its business.

Any business promoting their product or service would want their ad to receive the highest clicks and response. There are paid ways to make the ad go viral. The very basic way to boost your ad is what Facebook offers you on your every ad post.

As you can see in the above picture, Facebook offers you to boost all of your media posts which include a video, watch party, blog post, an image – every single post! For around $30, the company can reach up to 5200 people which is pretty good for the amount you pay.

To be able to boost all of your posts or maybe a few of them, you need to pay a certain amount in your currency and reach up to a certain number of potential customers. These conversions could totally depend upon your Ad account and how much are you willing to pay more and scale.

For creating a video ad, you may or may not have a viral video ad strategy but there is no escape for a post to go viral. But that are certain weird things that can make your Facebook video ad go viral

Let us find some weird things that could actually work in your favor and could make your ad go viral:

  1. Do It Yourself (DIY) Content –

DIY ideas are loved by everyone on Facebook. With more than a million views on such videos, this would help boost up the organic reach as more and more people would be wanting to share your content with others.

  • Around 73% of users click on the DIY videos.
  • Users share good DIY videos among their friends and communities. It also makes them tag their friends in the comment section as well.
  • You get feedback and suggestions in real-time. The more positive is the feedback, the better it will be its reach.

Pro Tip – You can create online user forms to collect DIY ideas from your own community. This will help you cumulate a lot of different opinions for your product content. Also, you can give credit to the user who suggested this idea. This would show your gratitude behavior and people would love to see that.

  1. Include Emotional Content –

Understanding human psychology is indeed the most difficult thing to do. But that doesn’t mean you cannot include a heartfelt content story in your video. It doesn’t have to be something out of the box but if you start your video with an emotional subject and continue with that as a base throughout the video, it would generate more views and reach throughout the platform.

  • People get involved a lot more compared to the usual video ad content.
  • They intend to share their own stories and motivate you back with their own emotional comments. This increases engagement and helps your video to attain more reach.
  • They also share it with their community and tag someone who had similar experiences thus letting your ad reach one more person.

Pro Tip – Your subject line should catch the eye of your viewer. It needs to be emotionally tweaked and tuned but make sure you don’t overdo with it as it might create a drift as well.

  1. Generate Creative Promotions –

Promotions work all the time. It attracts the customers towards your ad. When people find more value in your promotion, they spread it more. Ultimately, you get a lot of potential customers interested in your product as it’s becoming more viral amongst your community.

  • The promotion should be not something unrelated to your product.
  • Running promotions is a good way to drive in more traffic and sales. This way you can generate a lot of data for your product based on your consumers’ interests and desires.
  • A good creative promotion idea would always work no matter how much investment you have put in.

Pro Tip – As you are trying to make your ad go viral, make sure that all the funnels are connected properly so that you don’t miss out on any potential lead during the promotional period.

  1. Make a Unique Challenge –

We all know the famous Ice-bucket challenge that went viral within no time. From celebrities to almost every other person on social media was completing this challenge and challenging their friends by tagging them.

Creating a challenge to perform will only help your ad reach a much wider audience. But you need to make sure it’s unique and something that has never been done before or talked about in the past.

  • Challenges are a fun way to let your users interact with you and others.
  • If your ad goes viral, it massively helps you get that attention with immediate effect. People will continuously talk about it and keep on posting updates in real-time.

Pro Tip – Your challenge could be related to anything. It might or might not be related to your product but it should be a game-changer that should gather all the eyeballs on your video ad.

  1. Include the Behind-The-Scenes (BTS)

When you post a video ad, it is not necessary that your audience would watch it until the end. To generate that curiosity of what’s there in the video include all the BTS parts at the end of the video.

You can also do an A/B split test of your ad by adding it to the beginning of your video. Funny or serious, all the BTS stories sell. Depending upon your product – make sure to include as much of them but do not exceed it over 60-120 seconds for one ad set.

People love to see the raw footage as they get a bit more close to understanding your company. They would love to share your ad with their friends and community thus making your ad reach a much wider audience.

Pro Tip – Do not forget to mention that you have a behind-the-scenes in your title, caption, or in any call-to-action button.

  1. Generate some visually good and audible content –

An ad that is visually attractive would generate more views. Even if you are creating an animated ad, you can add an appealing voice-over that could either sound cute or weird or both at the same time.

You can also let a child rule in your ad. They generate the cuteness factor in your ad along with putting forward your product or service. It all depends upon the niche and the product or service you will be providing.

Pro Tip – You can generate a series of video ads with a continuous storyboard. It would make people watch the complete video story right from Ad set #1 to Ad set #Nth number.

  1. Don’t keep it too Salesy –

You don’t have to sell your product in your video ads. There are already too many ads in the market that only focus on the sales portion. If your video only talks about your product like a sales pitch – trust me, it won’t work.

Keep it different but keep it real!

  • You can promote an event through the ad which would later and eventually talk about your product. It could be an online or an offline event.
  • You can solve the problems rather than selling out your USP upfront. Highlighting the issues which don’t have a solution could be one of the purposes of your video ad.
  • Offer a value that no one else has offered. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about your product but could be something that drives massive value to people which would eventually lead to your product.

Pro Tip – Check out what your competitors have posted. Make sure that your idea isn’t similar to theirs. Remember, you have to be creative and unique to stand out in the market.

  1. Include Random Giveaways –

When you do sudden giveaways, it will create more excitement amongst your customers. Share it with people in your Facebook Group and Pages and ask them to share. The total price for the giveaway could totally depend upon your budget.

People do giveaways on special occasions like Black Friday or an Annual Sale but you can do a giveaway on any random occasion like when it’s someone’s birthday in your group or when you hit a certain number in your group. You can quickly run a short ad for the giveaway and that could become an instant hit.

For example, if you have an online dessert store, you can quickly run an ad because you hit a certain special number on your Facebook Page or Group.

Pro Tip – Tell your customers to share and tag their friends and that way they would get more brownie points and a chance to win a huge brownie hamper!

What can you do once your video ad period is ended?

You can still can more eyes even if you have stopped your ads. You can write a use case or an article stating how did you start with an idea that went viral and generated thousands and millions of views and comments in xx period of time. This blog post will also give a boost to your ad


There is no magic pill that could make your ad go viral. All you need is a creative mind and some weird ideas that would help your Facebook video ad gain the maximum eyeballs. Do not forget to nurture all your leads that would come along the way. Who knows the next sensational Facebook viral video ad could be yours!

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