Whether Or Not And How To Implement AI In Your Business?

Get a Clear Understanding of AI 

What do a web search, discourse acknowledgment, face acknowledgment, machine interpretation, independent driving, and programmed planning share for all intents and purpose? These are on the whole mind-boggling genuine issues, and the objective of human-made consciousness (AI) is to handle these with thorough scientific apparatuses. 

If this is the first time looking into AI for your business, take your time to become more familiar with what modern AI can do for you. The AI Accelerator Summit offers a perfect opportunity to discover, learn, and interact along-side your potential future partners, investors. And AI-inspired start-ups.  

You ought to likewise exploit the abundance of online data and assets accessible to acquaint yourself with the essential ideas of AI. 

An online course in AI is one of the best ways to start. It will give you a rundown of the components that bring you up to date on AI research and innovations. Learn more about examples of AI used today, such as facial recognition systems, natural language processors, and much more.  

Here is a shortlist of a couple of places that you can get started, for free: 

Class Central Free Online Courses on AI

Learn Artificial Intelligence with free courses online from Helsinki University, Stanford University, Goldsmiths, Washington University, London University, and other top universities.  

edX Free AI Courses

Take free online courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics from Harvard, Microsoft, Columbia, and other top institutions on edX. 

The highlight of the course is the content: excellent lectures and five very challenging and informative programming tasks. Anyone seeking an introduction to AI will strongly recommend this course. 

Remember, however, that you could take a lot of time (20-25 hours on average) and that this course also requires some math. In short, the credential is an excellent course for those willing to pay $300 for it.

Microsoft’s Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence  

This extensive learning path consists of 10 introductory courses, Each course lasts for a number of scheduled weeks, and each has a paid certificate option. You can take one class, a mix of courses, or all of them to earn a full program. 

You can take all of the courses for free, but if you want to receive a Verified Certification, you’ll have to pay $99 for each class. Each session is available for three months, and you can easily upgrade, but you must complete the entire course before your time ends to pass. 

So there is no risk if you want to start taking a course and delay the upgrade decision sometime before the three-month window comes to an end. 

Alternatively, there are similar online learning sites, such as Coursera, Udacity, and Udemy, who offer other courses on artificial intelligence, with both paid and unpaid learning options.

Applicable AI solutions may exist for businesses everywhere in all kinds of ways depending on course on operational needs, and the Business Intelligence(BI) insights gained many forms of data collection used in evaluation: surveys, focus groups, group data, community mapping. 

How to Decide? 

The area of artificial intelligence covers natural language processing(NLP), Machine Learning(ML), mathematics, psychology, data science, and many other disciplines. 

When considering the implementation of the AI solution, the company should first review the AI strategy, then approve the implementation solution and later arrive at the response stack. 

Identify the Problems You Want AI to Solve 

When you are ready to move beyond the basics, the next step is to start exploring different ideas for any business. Consider adding AI capabilities to your existing products and services.

More importantly, your company should take into account specific cases of use in which AI can solve business problems or provide proven value.

First, recognize the necessity. 

  • How will AI help you achieve the goals? 
  • AI will give businesses a competitive edge, but what would the side look like for the organization specifically?  

Businesses should start small when applying AI, research, so measure up — all while documenting individuals and keeping targets in mind. Often a rule or heuristic-based solution works just as well, if not better, than an AI version. 

The added benefit of a more straightforward solution is that it is easier to build, explain, debug, and maintain. Identify the business priorities that AI can make the most of. 

The individual doing this evaluation needs to have a decent comprehension of the cases most ordinarily utilized for AI. It could be a director of data science or a team of business analysts and data scientists.  

Prioritize Concrete Value 

Next, you need to evaluate the possible future financial and business value of the different AI implementations that you identified. Keep a shortlist of business priorities that can really benefit from AI. By taking this approach, you are more likely to generate significant business value by building a set of ML models that address specific business priorities. 

Too often, a team will develop a great solution, but to a problem of little weight and of low priority, it is unlikely that the models they build will be used on a scale 

Will the addition of AI in your product, will improve it? 

Before you commit to using AI, the team should collect data detailing the particular problem you are solving.    

When AI is probably better 

  • The core experience requires recommending different content to different users.
  • The core experience requires the prediction of future events.
  • Personalization will improve the user experience.
  • User experience requires natural language interactions.
  • We need to recognize a general class of things that is too large to articulate every case.
  • We need to detect low occurrence events that are continually evolving.
  • An agent or bot experience for a particular domain.
  • The user experience doesn’t rely on Predictability.

When AI is probably not better:

  • If people tell you explicitly not to automate or enhance an IA task.   
  • Sometimes, it is predictable, regardless of context or additional user input, that the most valuable part of the core experience. For instance, if it remains on the same spot, it is easier to use a “Home” or “Cancel” button as an escape hatch.
  • If development speed and market access are more critical to the enterprise than anything else, including the value that AI adds would provide.
  • When providing limited information, for instance, a credit card entry form is straightforward, standard and contains very different user information requirements.
  • In cases where costs for errors are very high and overwhelm the advantages of a small increase in success rate, like an off-road route guide, which saves a few seconds in travel.
  • If users, customers, and developers have to accurately understand everything in the code, as with Open Source Software. This level of explainability can not always be delivered by AI.

How to Implement AI?

After the operational and strategic elements of your enterprise are ready, it is time to begin to develop and incorporate them.

Here are a few examples of how you can begin using AI in your business: 

Enhance your campaigns with recommendations

Recommendation systems for product and service for retailers which improve personalization, involvement, and distribution, typically including rich language or images; 

Recommendation systems for health care that enable providers to develop personalized health plans that take into account the health of the particular patient and the previous treatments. 

Many businesses use Microsoft AI to advertise their website automatically, find ways to improve offers, keywords, and ads, and to increase the overall effectiveness of their projects.

Prediction of future events

Current and historical facts are analyzed in predictive analysis through a wide range of statistical techniques from data collection and prediction models and machine study to predict future or otherwise unknown events.

Personalization improves user experience. 

User conduct, preferences, feedback, and features may be analyzed with AI data science to predict, conduct, and to deliver unique personalized interactions. This enhances your involvement and makes it easy to dynamically and individually.

Natural language understanding.

Machine learning is used in natural language to disclose texts ‘ structure and meaning. You can gather information on people, locations, and events and better understand the feeling of social media and customer discussions. 

Natural Language allows you to analyze and integrate text into your cloud storage, for example, to use internal sites to answer employee questions on IT, employee benefit and HR policy issues; internal sites;

Recognition of an entire class of entities. 

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a task of data extraction which seeks to locate and classify names of the names of appointed entities into unstructured categories such as names, organizations, sites, medical codes, time expressions, quantities, monetary values, percentages, etc. NER (also called entity identification, entity chunks, and extraction of entities).

An agent or bot experience for a particular domain. 

Around 16% of the total AI projects involve employees and customers using machine learning S, intelligent agent and NLP chatbots — Smart agents providing 24/7 customer service to address a wide range of issues from password requests to subjects of technical support, all in the customer’s natural language;

Start Small 

Once you identify the aspect that you want to improve, you will need to determine which of the possible solutions require AI, which is significantly enhanced by AI, and which solutions do not or are degraded by AI.    

Start Applying AI to a small data set instead of doing it too fast. Aaron Brauser, M+M Solutions Management Vice President, offering natural language understanding (NLU) software for healthcare agencies, as well as an IP system that interacts with electronic medical records (EMRs),

Many of the tops AI projects are small teams who have emerged in the AI space by introducing new business applications and algorithms instead of applying existing AI technology to a specific product or service.  

AI Companies who Raised $100M+ Funding

  • CloudMinds  
  • DataRobot  
  • Freenome  
  • H20.ai  
  • Nauto  
  • OpenAI  
  • Science  
  • Sift  
  • SoundHound  
  • Tempus  
  • Vicarious  
  • Zoox  
  • Zymergen 

Please take the time to consider how the introduction of AI to your product can improve or reduce your user experience.

How do we find business value based on a Proof of Concept (POC)? 

Sometimes, there is a significant difference between what is expected and what is done in the organization.  

One piece of advice that helps prevent placing AI on the engineering hype list is don’t take AI to solve issues that never existed in the organization from the beginning. 

Enterprises are excited about AI’s potential, and some even rush to create a POC as a first step. However, some deferral is because of an absence of lucidity about the estimation of the business or the arrival of speculation. 

Thus, we have heard a similar inquiry from information science groups that have created AI models that are underutilized by their associations.

The lack of curated data is another excellent barrier of moving from PoC to production. The data quality is another issue frequently encountered. Data quality is the grade of a data set’s aptness to serve its goal in a given task. 

The quality of the data is measured by various factors such as reliability, accuracy, usability, significance, and intent. 

Securing Large Volume Data sets

If an AI program is to be installed, both a mix of engineering and the research project requirements must be met. To accomplish that balance, organizations must provide enough space capacity, a GPU, and networking infrastructure. 

Security is also an aspect that is often ignored. AI requires access to broad areas of information in its existence to accomplish its mission. 

Make sure you understand what kinds of data are involved and that the standard security protections, i.e., authentication, VPN, or anti-malware, might not be appropriate.


AI doesn’t add features. It enables you to adapt your product as needed to capture, sustain, and grow your customer base. 

It’s in this setting you have to shape your underlying PoC — not with an element agenda, however by wedding business objectives with AI abilities, and working to define an AI system that learns from your customer actions and, in turn, enables you to increase sales and improve the customer experience. 

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