6 Ways to Create Content Your Target Audience and Google Will Love


Ensure the usefulness of your content. Make it as educational as you could. We would not advise writing a blank piece where your readers do not take away anything.

Input as many facts and figures as you could. Provide references and as many relevant examples as you could. Educate your readers in a way they understand your points and solutions clearly. Educate your readers in a way they feel that you are actually solving their problem.

Your readers should be able to implement what they have learned from your content. You are good to go as long as your readers keep learning something from you.

Readers will come back only if they are learning something which they have not been taught elsewhere.


Include actionable and practical HOW-TO’s in your content. Something that helps them get a desired outcome. This could be a problem that has not yet been solved or a solution that needs further innovation and a different approach.

Include the actual “How To” guides that helped your company achieve the results you are claiming in your content. Provide these for free.

We suggest doing the following to further your position as an industry leader:

·       Create content for every success story and share that with your readers

·       Consider using free podcasts and webinars to further optimize your content around voice search

·       Highlight innovations in all the stages of your sales and marketing funnel

Write your “How To” content guides in the way it solves the problems of your target audience readers. Consider starting with a commonplace before moving onto areas of expertise and best practices that made your company an industry leader.


Did you more more than 60% of people struggle to produce great content? Ask yourself these questions before you start writing to define your objective.

Do you have a single objective? If it is so, ensure you are mentioning the same in your content. 

What audiences do you have in mind? Whom are you writing for? Are you writing for all? Or writing for a single target audience?

We suggest maintaining singularity in content objectives and audience bucket.


Do you have additional citations and references to bolster your content? Do you know how your make it more believable and truer? We suggest researching before starting on any article.

Audience research plays a big role as per content marketing institute. Have you taken enough research work to support your article? We propose researching as much as you could so that your readers are able to understand the correlation and implement those strategies as their workplaces.


Everyone has an opening in marketing. A strategy that works today might not work tomorrow. Claiming to be an industry leader? Use you thoughts and express your opinions to convert better and create great content that engages your readers.

Do you feel fractional marketing will be the next big disruption? Tell that to your readers and explain why and how it will solve their problems.

Focus on engaging humanely and eliciting an emotional connection with your readers through your opinions. Back up your content to let the readers agree with it. Engage those who disagree.

This is an established and proven way to further your prospecting. You will start seeing better quality leads.


Intercom has been doing wonders and driving 40% of their inbound leads by re-using their existing content library.

You can also update your existing library with updated facts and research information to distribute it within your current audience bucket and potential customers.

Intercom keeps on picking content which did better on a particular platform, add their opinions and starts distributing it to potential customers.

Try converting your existing content library into e-books and white papers. You can use these in your lead magnet focused campaigns to achieve the desired goal.


Do not focus on creating content for generating links and ranking higher on Google. Write people, problem and solution specific unique content and your SERP rankings and traffic will continue growing organically.

 Contact me for an analysis of your content marketing strategies. our digital agencies has helped various companies with their content marketing needs. We would love to help you grow further.

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